Core, core, and even more core! We will focus on abs and several effective ways to tighten and tone that tummy!

Beginner Zumba | Zumba
Come shake it to some contagious tunes, and you will see why "just dancing" burns so many calories! A lil' cardio, a lil' toning, lots of great music and a whole lotta dancing! All fitness levels welcomed!

A carefully designed mixture of exercises laid out in strategic "stations" to help you achieve weight loss, gains in strength, increase energy and endurance. Each exercise is performed for a pre-determined amount of time and repeated in rounds but executed at each individual persons fitness level, so you can go at your own pace.

Another of Sarah's original classes! Think barre-inspired dance, meets cardio, meets pilates! The toning, sculpting, balance, & flexibility benefits of this class are like none other! Please be prepared to remove your street shoes and be barefoot or wear ballet slippers or flats for this class.
*This class is a specialty class, so it is $10 per person, as a walk-in. A yoga mat is required. 

Another of Sarah's innovate ideas, she created & developed this class to be both fun AND hard work! FierceStep+ is another class that you will ONLY find at Fierce! It uses an elevated platform (the step) to combinehip hop dance like in Sarah's infamous Zumba Bootcamp class, weight training, and body weight exercises. This class is a total body workout! You will burn & tone & target the major muscle groups in a whole new way!
*This is a specialty class, so it is $10 per person per class.
**Please note that sign ups ARE required in advance for this class to reserve your spot! You may sign up at Fierce, or by emailing

This class was created & designed by Sarah and it is an introduction to movement for Mom and baby. Fine motor skills are a focus for your baby, as well as an introduction to sound and music. For Moms, this class will provide a chance for you to ease back into basic movement, & regain your strength, flexibility and confidence as you interact and bond with your baby in a whole new way. Sarah's goal for this class is to provide a safe, fun, positive, interactive community of Moms who find themselves stronger and more confident! *Please note that breastfeeding is welcomed in this class and yoga mats are needed.
*This class requires pre-registration/pre-payment and consists of a 6 week block.

SGPT (Small Group Personal Training)
It not only makes personal training more affordable, but it gives each client the opportunity to challenge themselves and reach goals in a supportive environment with other clients cheering them on. Sarah has seen much success & positive results with this class and is pleased to continue to offer it. This class is limited to 10 clients per block and it fills up fast, so don't hesitate to sign up!
*This class requires pre-registration/pre-payment and consists of a 4 week block.

Strength Training
Strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build muscle! It is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It has been shown to:  reduce the risk of sarcopenia (the reduction of skeletal muscle as we age); increase metabolism by speeding up your resting metabolic rate; increase bone density; build a stronger heart; reduce resting blood pressure; improve blood flow; halt muscle loss; help control blood sugar; reduce anxiety levels; improve cholesterol, posture, balance, coordination, & stamina; prevent disease; promote better sleep; improve mood ... and, heck ... we make everything fun at FIERCE!
Every exercise is functional, and will be performed at each individuals personal fitness level & exercise modalities are dependent upon your personal goals. This class is suitable and adaptable for all fitness levels.
*This is a specialty class, so it is $10 per person, for a walk-in.

Sarah saw a need and created this class! It can be best described as a continuous and seamless blend of constant stretching & movement, pilates & yoga based poses, and the use of light hand-held weights.  Stretching is an essential part of total health and when done regularly, it improves your flexibility, posture, increases range of motion, helps prevent against injury, and in some cases can assist in healing from injury. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels ... regardless of age ... from those who are wishing to re-enter into a fitness routine or returning from injury/illness ... to athletes looking to improve their stamina, balance, flexibility & endurance.
*This is a specialty class, so it is $10 per person, for a walk-in.

Zumba Bootcamp
Sarah's famous and insanely popular class that she has been leading for several years now and it still seems to draw quite the crowd! This is not your Momma's Zumba class! You can expect Sarah's original choreography to many styles of upbeat music, and some plank dips, weights, squats, jumps, ab workouts, lunges, wall sits ... the list goes on! What's the best part? While this class is known for being an intense workout, you can modify anything you need to!

Zumba Bootcamp+
is everything you love about Sarah's infamous & one-of-a-kind class-- from the infectious music to the original choreography, squats, high impact cardio, planks, burpees...But Zumba Bootcamp+ also incorporates circuits & even more body-blasting HIIT! This combination will significantly improve strength, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness! These short bursts of going at your max will be tough & challenging, but so much fun! With consistent attendance, this class is sure to quickly eliminate any "problem areas". Modifications will be shown, making this class accessible for all fitness levels.
*This is a specialty class, so it is $10 for a walk-in. This class requires you sign-up in advance.

Zumba Kids!
Come join Lindsey for this awesome class! Who has kiddos who like to move & listen to great music with a great beat? What a confidence builder it is for a child to be able to exercise to kid-friendly routines & feel comfortable with themselves by making fitness fun?!
*When offered, this class lasts for 6 weeks.


Per Class
$  5 | walk-in class
$10 | specialty class

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